Advisor 2017.2 What’s New

By | 05/24/2017


The Advisor 2017.2 updates will be available early June.  Below is a condensed list of what this release contains.  Please see the attached What’s New for a complete, more detailed description of the updates. 

  • Service Authorizations | Summary List:  A new column called Add On Type has been added to this tab.
  • Services:  The size of the Procedure Code and Abbreviation fields on this window have been expanded.
  • Edit Consumers | Service Locations:  New fields for Default Day Service Type have been added underneath each set of times on this tab.
  • Attachment Categories:  This window is new and allows users to add new categories for attachments added to the Attachments tab in the Edit Consumers and/or Edit Employees windows.
  • Employee day Services Timeclock Widget:  The time picker has been updated to one that uses push buttons rather than a spinner.
  • System Settings | Single -Entry:  A new preference called Require Geocode Location for HTTPS has been added to this window.
  • Weekly Schedule for Routes:  Inactive consumers will no longer appear on weeks that are after the consumer’s inactive date.
  • Batch Payroll:  A new report called Detailed Payroll Batch Report – By Primary Site and Name has been added to the quickprint reports that appear after batching payroll in this window.

Advisor What’s New 2017.2

If your users are interested in using any of the new features and need support, please contact and we will be happy to assist.  If you need assistance with applying this update, please contact Shawn Powers at or Aaron Copley at .